Trenton– It will cost Valley Pharmacy of Succasunna $309,000 for failure to divulge essential details on its Medicaid application.

The drug store and owner consented to pay $300,000 to the Medicaid program and $9,000 in interest after Medicaid Fraud Division detectives within the state Office of the State Comptroller discovered the drug store had cannot divulge a staff member’s criminal conviction.

Scams detectives discovered that a handling staff member of the drug store had been suspended from the New York State Medicaid program following a criminal conviction connected to the Medicaid program, according to a release from the state Comptroller’s Office.

The conviction details were not divulged by Valley Pharmacy when the drug store looked for to get in the Medicaid program in New Jersey, the release stated. Here is complete information about how to report medicare fraud.

” Accurate and complete disclosure is needed to take part in the Medicaid program, for excellent factor,” State Comptroller Philip James Degnan stated. “We evaluate candidates to guarantee the stability of the Medicaid program and to flag possible problems as early as possible.”.

The Medicaid Fraud Division functions as the state’s independent guard dog for New Jersey’s numerous Medicaid programs and works to make sure that the state’s Medicaid dollars are being invested efficiently, the release stated.

As part of its oversight function, MFD audits and examines healthcare service providers, handled care companies and Medicaid receivers to recognize and recuperate incorrectly used up Medicaid funds and recognize and redress quality of care concerns impacting the health of Medicaid receivers, the release stated.